Foam & Silver Dressings

Unique multifunctional dressing specifically designed to reduce a patient’s total wound pain experience, while actively encourage healing. Appropriate for use on wounds with dry, slight, moderate, or heavy drainage/exudate

The PolyMem family of dressings can be used as primary dressings, secondary dressings or a combination of to support the entire healing continuum


Available as Adhesive and Non-adhesive (cloth and silicone)

Superabsorbent dressings

Multipurpose dressings based on Super Core technology -featuring a non-woven interface layer for soft debridement- designed for the management of moderate to highly exudate wounds.

particularly skin friendly since Super Core is manufactured completely without adhesives and binders and thanks to special, thermo-mechanical fibre bonding, unlike conventional Airlaids, display impressive absorbency up to 30% and excellent fluid dispersion.