High quality products for high hygienic demands in hospitals, doctors’ practice, and home cares

Curea Liquimat basic

Curea Liquimat basic is a step-on-mat with a non-slip underside which ensures a safe footing for medical personnel in front of the operating table.



  • Non-slip backside
  • Simple to dispose as clinical waste
  • Absorbs up to 1,7 liters of fluid


Product dimensions

Size (External dimensions) Packaging unit
116 x 76 cm 50 pcs

Curea Liquimat Standard

The Curea Liquimat has been made for the safe containment of fluids on the operating table. Thanks to the patented SuperCore Airlaid core, the floor mat absorbs large amounts of liquid hygienically and safely.



  • Absorbs on both sides
  • Safe and hygienic internal storage of fluid
  • Very thin
  • Absorbs 7 liters of water or 2,5 liters of physiologic saline solution

Product dimensions

Size (External dimensions) Packaging unit
75 x 36 cm 100 pcs

Curea Liquisorb

Large quantities of blood and other fluids can be generated during surgery. The single, sterile packed absorbent Curea Liquisorb absorbs these fluids fast and stores them safely. The patient as well as the operating table stay dry and are protected from contamination



  • single sterile packs
  • absorbs in every position
  • absorbs 8 liters of water or 3,1 liters of physiologic saline solution

Product Dimensions

Size (External dimensions) Packaging unit
60 x 38 cm 50 pcs

Curea 150

The intelligent Curea 150 OR table ultra-strong sheet and safe transfer for patients provides smart solutions for daily routines in busy hospitals.

With its strong and tear resistant backing, even heavy patients can be transferred safely to the operating table and back again.

During surgery performs as well as blood, exudates and other fluids are quickly absorbed and safely locked away by the patented SuperCore technology.



  • skin-friendly, smooth top surface covered with PP nonwoven
  • tear-proof special material with up to 150 kg load capacity
  • retains up to 10 liters of fluid
  • offers secure grip for patient repositioning aid
  • absorbs liquids and reduces odour
  • Less waste: patients can be transported and placed on a sheet

Areas of application

all surgery and examination areas in hospitals, e.g., accident surgery, emergency rooms, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology and home cares.

Also, for rescue services, e.g., ambulances and air rescue services

Product Dimensions

Size (External dimensions) Packaging unit
210 x 80 cm (sterile) 10 pcs
201 x 80 cm 20 pcs


Curea SafeCare

The Curea SuperCare underlay gives medical staff the benefit of more time. One of the many advantages is that the patients need changing less often due to the high quality and thus do not tie up staff time unnecessarily.

So, more time is left to care about the convalescence of the patient, rather than just replacing medical consumables



  • Skin-friendly and smooth surface
  • Absorption and retention of fluids
  • Dimensionally stable also under difficult conditions
  • Available as breathable and non-breathable version


Product Dimensions

Size (External dimensions) Quality Packaging Unit
60 x 60 cm Breathable & Non-breathable 112 pcs
60 x 90 cm Breathable & Non-Breathable 70 & 112 pcs
60 x 180 cm Breathable with wings 56 pcs